Who we are

We are you - conservatives and some libertarians, mostly Republicans or independents, plus disgusted Democrats. We are parents and grandparents and other typical Americans from all across the USA.

We are concerned that Obama and the leadership in the White House and Congress have promoted a far left agenda that will bankrupt the country, leave our children and grandchildren with the bill, and foster a generation of people who are addicted to welfare and public assistance.

Please join with us

We want to take care of ourselves and leave something to our families. We do not want the federal government to reduce or take our hard-earned benefits away.

We are a working committee of USA Public Affairs Committee and depend on volunteers to accomplish our goals.
USA Senior

         Who watches out for you?

We do!
Why belong to a seniors group that spent nearly $23 million in the last reporting year to lobby Congress and the White House for bills that you oppose?

We are:

  • Working for the repeal of Obamacare.
  • Trying to prevent cuts to Medicare.
  • Working to end the death tax.
  • Encouraging Congress to end the uncertainty over whether seniors have a right to their Social Security (A Supreme Court decision says that Congress can take away your Social Security at any time!).

You can belong to a volunteer-led group that offers comparable (often better) benefits, usually at lower costs, with the certainty that your dues are not supporting a bloated staff that works on a liberal social agenda.

  • Support a seniors' organization that fights for you.
  • Check out our issue positions and those of that big group.
  • Compare our benefits and costs with theirs.
  • Now, you can get virtually the same benefits here - usually at a lower price!

USA Senior is a working committee of USA Public Affairs Committee (USApac.com), a non-profit political organization governed under Internal Revenue Code Section 527, To learn more about Section 527 committees, please go to USApac.com.

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